Course description

How would you like to learn English in a relaxed environment and yet still see, hear and feel that you are learning a new skill?

At Oxford House we listen to you and we have discovered that you are keen and curious learners – no matter what your age is! Therefore, we offer a course specifically designed for students over the age of 55 who would like to learn English with people of a similar age, in comfortable surroundings.

Maximum 8 students per group.
FREE Enrolment.

M/W courses: 3 October 2016 - 21 June 2017

T/Th courses: 4 October 2016 - 20 June 2017

Duration 3 hours/week for 9 months


Mon Wed 10.00 - 11.30

Tues Thur 10.00 - 11.30

A1, A2.1, B1.1-, B1.1+, B1.2-, B1.2+.


- Option 1: One annual payment of €875 - You save €100!

- Option 2: Three termly payments of €325

Free enrolment.

Payment methods First payment: cash, cheque, credit card or bank transfer. Subsequent payments: direct debit from bank account.

Terms conditions

At the end of each term all students enrolled in Extended English have the opportunity to take a an oral compensation test, which is a similar format to the official Trinity GESE test. These practical exams focus on the students ability of using English during a conversation. The exams are made by teachers who are specially trained at Ofxord House.

The test results help students and teachers see how every individual is progressing in the language. After the test, students will receive information regarding their development in the class.

Centre autorizado de exámenes de inglés Trinity GESE en BarcelonaStudents taking this Extended English course who would like to obtain an official certificate certifying the level they end the course with have the option to take the Trinity GESE exam in June by combining this course with an intensive exam preparation course in May/June.

Trinity certifications are recognised internationally by educational, university and business authorities.

Oxford House is one of only a few registered centres in Barcelona to do the GESE English exam from Trinity College London. All of our teachers are trained to prepare you for the exam at the end of the year which can be done at our school which is located in the centre of Barcelona, and we are proud to say that we have one of the highest pass rates. On top of that, it’s an affordable exam.

Trinity GESE exam prep courses About the Trinity GESE exam


OH Connect is also included in your extended course – your free tool to practice English! Join the Oxford House team and experiment a new way of improving your level with other students and teachers in the school.

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