Preparation Classes


Oxford House is one of the only registered centres in Barcelona where you can take Trinity’s ISE English exams. All our teachers are qualified to prepare you for the exam which is taken at our language school in the heart of Barcelona. We are very proud to have one of the highest pass rates in Barcelona.

If you are not a student at Oxford House and want to sit for the Trinity ISE exam at our centre, you will need to take a specific preparation course that will give you the tools you need to pass the exam successfully.

ISE Preparation course

Duration: 6 hours.

Timetable: You choose the best time to take this course. (Subject to availability).

Dates: You choose the dates, the course should take place before the exam.

Price: €250


ISE examinations are conducted at Oxford House all year round and registration can be done at reception. Trinity assigns the date and time of the examination to each student. If you are not a student at Oxford House and want to sit for the Trinity ISE exam at our centre, you will need to take a specific preparation course that will give you the tools you need to pass the exam successfully.

Exam Dates 2016

Reading Writing Registration deadline
9 March 1 January
13 April 1 February
4 May 1 March
28 May* 1 March
8 June 1 April
25 June 1 April
27 July 1 May
3 September 1 July
5 October 1 August
9 November* 1 September
14 December 1 October

Speaking Listening Registration deadline
4 or 5 March 1 January
6 or 7 May 1 March
3 or 4 June 1 April
1 or 2 July 1 May
29 or 30 July 1 May
26 or 27 August 1 June
30 September o 1 October 1 July
28 or 29 de October 1 August
25 o 26 de November 1 September
22 o 23 December 1 October

*Only dates available for ISE IV.

Oral dates will be confirmed between 4 and 7 days before the exam.

Prices 2016

ISE Foundation: 121€ ISE I: 130€ ISE II: 172€
ISE III: 218€ ISE IV:  225€

Nowadays, to succeed in your studies and in the workplace, it is essential to certify and show your language ability. More and more people invest in Trinity certificates to prove their English level.  Many companies, for example, require their employees to hold these certificates and value them highly.

Trinity’s Integrated Skills in English exams (ISE) assess the four language skills – speaking, writing, listening and reading. These tests are available in five levels ranging from A2 to C2 of the Common European Framework (CEFR).

Preparing for a test has the added benefit of helping to motivate you, giving your English course a final goal.

The exams has two parts:

Reading Writing

A reading and writing examination is done under official exam conditions at our centre.  The different parts of the exam are relevant to a variety of students, and evaluate a range of skills and styles of reading and writing.

Speaking Listening

This is a face to face interview with the Trinity examiner. The interview includes a presentation and discussion on a topic chosen by the candidate and a listening comprehension task.

CEFR Level A2 B1 B2 C1 C2
Reading Writing 2 hours 2 hours 2 hours 2 hours 2 hours
Speaking Listening 3 tasks (12 minutes) 3 tasks (15 minutes) 4 tasks (18 minutes) 4 tasks (23 minutes) 5 tasks (25 minutes)

ISE website (Integrated Skills in English)

ISE Exams Guides for students


Trinity certificates receive widespread recognition among education authorities, universities and businesses both nationally and internationally.

According to the parameters of the Bologna Agreement, to receive a degree, university students in Catalonia must demonstrate a B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference.

Catalan universities accept the following Trinity certificates as proof of the CEFR B2 level:

GESE Grade 7 or higher

ISE II or higher

In addition, the testing association ALTE, an entity that oversees the academic rigor of language tests worldwide, has awarded Trinity College London the highest possible level granted, the Q Mark, to the ISE and GESE exams.

This is a British educational institution that has always stood for innovation and quality.  Its English exams are matched to the Common European Framework and are therefore measurable on an international scale.  Additionally, all their exams are fully accredited by the educational authorities in the United Kingdom (OfQual), ensuring the quality of its services.

Trinity is a leader in Spain in bilingual projects, working directly with Autonomous Communities who externally evaluate their students.  It is also one of the leaders in linguistic certification of bilingual teachers.

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