All of the adults, children and teens who study English with us have the opportunity to certify their language level and take the Trinity GESE oral English exam each June, and we offer a Trinity GESE exam preparation course in May and June.


2014 exam registration

The next Trinity GESE English exams will take place at Oxford House on June 2014, date to be determined.Trinity will assign each registered student his or her date and time. Exam registration period will be announced in January 2014. Students should confirm the correct Trinity exam level with their teachers before registering.


2014 prices

Level 1: To be confirmed Level 4: To be confirmed Level 7: To be confirmed Level 10:To be confirmed
Level 2: To be confirmed Level 5: To be confirmed Level 8: To be confirmed Level 11:To be confirmed
Level 3: To be confirmed Level 6: To be confirmed Level 9: To be confirmed Level 12: o be confirmed

What is the GESE like?

The exam consist of a 5-to-15-minute interview, depending on the exam level, with an external, certified examiner, during which the student must demonstrate his or her ability to carry on a conversation in English about topics he or she has prepared in advance. Students with both very low and very high levels of English can be examined using this method.

There are 12 exam levels. Each exam consists of 4 parts, composed of different tasks, which are more complicated at each successive level. The exams are designed in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for languages.

For Oxford House students, the exams take place in our school.

Table of the correspondence of Trinity GESE levels and Common European Framework levels »
Trinity English level guide »
Official web site of the GESE (Graded Examinations in Spoken English) »
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National and international recognition

Trinity certifications are recognised internationally by educational, university and business authorities.

For example, according to the parameters of the Bologna Process, to receive a diploma, university students in Catalonia must demonstrate a level B2 of the Common European Framework. Catalonian universities accept the following Trinity certifications as proof of level B2:
GESE grade 7 or higher
ISE II or higher

Additionally, the ALTE testing association, the entity that safeguards the academic caliber of language exams worldwide, has awarded Trinity College London it highest level, the Q Mark, thereby rating Trinity’s ISE and GESE exams at the highest academic level.


Trinity College London

Trinity College London is a non-for-profit organization based in London, England, that offers a wide range of evaluations and certifications in the knowledge and fluency of the English language.

Trinity College London, Spain web site »

Their English exams are integrated with the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and are therefore measurable on an international scale. Additionally, their English exams are accredited by the British education authorities (OfQual), assuring the quality of their services.

Trinity is a leader in Spain in bilingual projects, collaborating with the CCAA who conduct an external evaluation on all of their students and are one of the leaders in linguistic certification of bilingual teachers.


Why certify your level?

Nowadays it is essential to equip yourself with knowledge of another language and certify that knowledge to be successful in higher education studies and the labor market. More an more people are choosing to certify their English level with a Trinity certificate to provide to the numerous employers who demand such proof of candidates.

Additionally, preparing for an exam can be motivating and provide a final objective for your English course.


Exam prep courses

Registered GESE centre in BarcelonaOxford House is one of only a few registered centres in Barcelona to do the GESE English exam from Trinity College London. All of our teachers are trained to prepare you for the exam at the end of the year which can be done at our school which is located in the centre of Barcelona, and we are proud to say that we have one of the highest pass rates.

For students looking to certify their English level by taking the June Trinity GESE exam, we offer an exam preparation course in May and June.

Trinity GESE English exam preparation courses in Barcelona