Have you ever wanted to study English but struggled to find the time or money? We are offering you the chance to study English Eco for one month COMPLETELY FREE if you are currently unemployed.

What’s more, during the summer – if you attend 80% or more of the classes you’ll get the next month free too!

And what about those of you who have a job, but want an affordable way to practise your English? Don’t worry – at just €60 a month 24 hours of class – it’s great value.

In fact it works out at just €2.50 an hour – less than a caña in a trendy bar in Born.

With all materials included and no sign up fee, you’ll find it hard to find a cheaper English course in Barcelona.


Sounds great, but what exactly is English Eco?

English Eco is a semi-intensive, monthly language course that gives you the chance to practice your English in a fun and affordable way.

With classes Monday to Thursday, this communicative course will not only help you maintain your level of English and improve your fluency and accuracy when speaking, it’ll also allow you develop a wide variety of skills, including reading, listening, writing and pronunciation.

During the course you’ll have a number of teachers from all over the world, who are all currently enrolled in our Cambridge CELTA and Trinity DipTESOL teaching courses. Closely supervised by their tutors, the lessons will be carefully planned around the needs of individual groups.
There’s no set curriculum, so you’ll be working on the language and skills you need in your everyday lives. Lessons will also be adapted over the month based on teachers’ observations, as well as feedback from tutors and students.


What are the benefits of taking an English Eco course?

Still not convinced? We spoke to Anna Stubbs, course director at Oxford TEFL to find out why she thinks English Eco is a great solution for students:

  • Discover a variety of accents – with more than one teacher you’ll have the opportunity to experience a range of accents from Irish and American to English and Australian.
  • Improve your communication skills – using a communicative approach in class you’ll be given lots of chances to practise your speaking – even while working on other skills such as reading, writing or grammar.
  • Be fully immersed – classes are carried out completely in English, offering you maximum exposure to the target language.
  • Change timetables – English Eco is a flexible solution for those with complicated work schedules. You can change timetable on a weekly basis and as all classes are independent of each other, it doesn’t matter if you miss a class one day.
  • Meet new people – with students and teachers from all over the world, you’ll be sure to make friends and learn about new cultures at the same time.
Cursos económicos de Inglés | Oxford House Barcelona

What do our current students think of English Eco?

In order to maintain high standards we ask our students to complete a feedback form once a month. Here’s what some of them told us:

¡Cada día me gusta más! Gracias Oxford House – Ibis Torres

Recomendable 100%. A un precio increíble puedes apuntarte a un aprendizaje totalmente de inmersión. Mejoras tu inglés día a día …y te diviertes – Juan R. Hidalgo

Curs econòmic amb altissim nivell, ideal per posar-te les piles amb l’anglès – Salomé Robert

Estic molt contenta. S’apren de forma pràctica i divertida. Ademés ens pregunten en que volem aprofundir més. També hi ha molt bon ambient al grup – Verónica Ndocky Ribas

Està molt bè ja que aprenem molt vocabulari nou, i per el noste futur va molt bé. També hem fet molt oral i aixó m’agrada molt. – Rebecca Altisench Jané


When can I study?

During the summer we have three timetables from Monday to Thursday:

  • 10:00-11:30
  • 16:00-17:30
  • 18:30-20:00

Our next course begins on July 30th. Visit the website for more information on future course dates.

Please note from October there will be no 18:30 course.


What levels are available?

We have four levels to choose from:

  • Elementary (or A2)
  • Pre-Intermediate (or B1.1)
  • Intermediate (or B1.2)
  • Upper-Intermediate (or B2)

But don’t worry – we’re flexible. If you start the course at one level and find it too easy or too difficult, you can speak to your teacher or reception and try another level.

Usually students study at each level for around six months before moving up to the next level. However, it depends on how often you attend class, how much you practice your English outside of class and whether your teacher thinks you are ready for the next step.

If you aren’t sure which level to join, take our free online level test.


I’m sold, but how’s it so cheap?

At Oxford House, we believe that improving your English is essential for both personal and professional development. That’s why we work hard to make our English courses accessible to as many people as possible, adjusting the characteristics of our courses accordingly.

Our courses are almost full so sign up now to avoid missing out!