At Oxford House we know how important a quality translation can be. We have more than ten years of experience helping individuals, companies and organizations with their translation, interpretation and editing needs in a number of languages, including Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Chinese and Macedonian.


All translations are charged per translated word, which means the offer you receive before confirming the translation is indicative. The base rate is 0.105€ per word.

Surcharges are applied for:

  • Urgency: If the translation is needed in a short period of time.
  • Sworn translations: If the translation must be done by a sworn translator.

Request a quote

Send us the URL of the web page you would like us to translate, or send us your document in Word format or a similar format that enables us to easily calculate the total number of words.

The offer you receive will be an estimate since we invoice the number of words translated, i.e. the number of words in the finished, translated document.

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Interpretation agency in BarcelonaOxford House has interpreters for a variety of occasions.

Types of interpretation

Consecutive interpretation:
This service is ideal for small meetings, guided tours or other situation where there is no cabin available with all the necessary equipment for a simultaneous interpretation. The interpreter lets the speaker talk, and after each paragraph translates what has been said, using notes he or she has made.

Simultaneous interpretation:
This service is ideal for meetings, especially when the majority of the people present do not speak the lingua franca of the meeting. The interpreters are in a cabin where they can hear the speaker, and simultaneously translate the content of the speech or meeting with only one or two seconds delay. The participants wear headphones to hear the translation. This kind of interpretation is ideal when not everybody needs the translation. Furthermore, it allows the meeting to take place smoothly.

Chuchotage interpretation:
Chuchotage means “whisper” in French. In this situation, the interpreter whispers the translation to the person who needs it. This kind of interpretation is ideal for those situations in which only one person needs the service, for example in a meeting or for a guided tour. It is also useful in social situations: the interpreter can go with whoever needs the service. It also allows for translations in more than one language.

Interpretation by telephone:
In many cases in which the participants of a meeting can not physically meet, the meeting is conducted via video / teleconference. Here the interpretation is consecutive: the interpreter translates after each participant speaks.


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Editorial services

Our editorial service is offered to those individuals or companies who have done their own translations and need someone to proofread the text before publication. This editing service ensures that the document or web page does not contain spelling mistakes and is grammatically correct, in order to give the best possible impression.

We edit documents and sites in English, Spanish, Catalan, French, German, Italian and Chinese, among other languages.


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