Why get an assessment?

We offer a language level assessment for personnel recruitment. In many cases it is important to know the language level of an employee or prospective employee in detail in order to determine his or her compatibility with a specific position or task in the company.

Who is it for?

Our service is offered to those Human Resource Departments that need to precisely know the lingual skills of an employee or a candidate. Assessments can be done in English, Spanish, Catalan, French, German, Italian and Chinese, among other languages.

We offer this service to all companies, regardless of whether or not they currently take language courses with us.

What does it entail?

We evaluate the written and oral level of the candidate using a three-part assessment:

– A written self-evaluation test via the web.
– A written essay via the web.
– An oral conversation test of 10 minutes done over the phone or via Skype.

We then send a document with the results to the company in which we indicate the candidate’s language level with reference to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The CEFR indicates the typical practical skills that correspond to each of the different levels of a language.

Our report includes the results of the tests along with detailed comments about the candidate, all prepared by the teacher responsible for the assessment.


40€ per person.

35€ per person for current clients.