Oxford House is an accredited language school in Barcelona that is passionate about and dedicated to language learning and teacher training. It was founded in 1998 by Duncan Foord and Nick Rawlinson, two English teachers that had worked in Barcelona as teachers, directors of studies and teacher trainers since the early nineties. In 2002, a second centre was opened in Prague in the Czech Republic.

Our school in Barcelona is centrally located, well resourced, spacious and comfortable. The atmosphere within the school is professional, dynamic and relaxed which makes it an ideal place to study.

We attract people from all around the world who would like to learn a language or teach English for a variety of reasons. Our ongoing support to all of our departments, staff, students and teachers brings people together, motivates and promotes the desire to share a positive attitude. We are innovative and constantly seeking to improve our service, listening to our students, our staff members and developments in the field of language learning or teaching. We are proud to say that this has resulted in a steady growth in our company, and our loyal students continue to recommend us to those around them.

Our courses are practical, flexible and challenging and forever providing opportunities to learn and grow. They are internationally accredited so that our students can achieve a recognized qualification and demonstrate their success to themselves, employees, friends, family and the world.


Would you like to know the school?

Oxford House is located 1 minute from Passeig de Gràcia, in the heart of Barcelona, and offers spacious, modern facilities easily reachable by a range of transport options. Oh! And what’s more, you’ll be able to enjoy our beautiful garden for a moment of relaxation.

The centre has a surface area of 1000m2 with 23 classrooms equipped with computers, projectors and/or smart TV, as well as air conditioning and heating. We also have dedicated study spaces and a beautiful 2-storey garden to enjoy the sun in Barcelona.
In our library, once you have started your course, you will be able to choose books of different genres, in English or Spanish, to deepen your language practice.

Currently, we have three departments:

Oxford House

Oxford House is our language school in the Eixample Dret neighborhood of Barcelona where we provide language courses and private classes in English, Spanish and other languages for adults, children and teens. We also organize activities and events for practicing languages.


Oxford House Empresas

Our Business Language Department coordinates all of our language courses and linguistic services for companies, such as translations, proofreadings and level assessments.


Oxford TEFL

Oxford TEFL is our English teacher training centre, which is very well known in the world of TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language.



If you would like to know more about our mission, or our English for adults, English for young learners and Spanish for adults courses, do not hesitate to visit us or contact us.