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Do you need to improve your level of English quickly this summer?

Oxford House is offering a super intensive English course this summer, 100 hours in 4 weeks which will help you to progress much more quickly and increase the possibility of advancing a whole level in one month. The classes are fully immersive with practical and dynamic content delivered in a way to help you improve all areas of the language, with a special focus on communication to give you the confidence to apply what is learnt in the classroom to real life situations.

With a maximum of only 8 students in a group your teacher is able to give individual attention to all students focusing on your weaknesses and needs to reach your language goals.

Maximum 8 students per group.

FREE enrolment.


2019 Summer Course Calendar

You can take 2 or 4 weeks.

Month: 1st to 26th July.

1st fortnight: 1st to 12th July.

2nd fortnight: 15th to 26th July.

Month: 5th to 30th August. (*)

1st fortnight: 5th to 17th August. (*)

2nd fortnight: 19th to 30th August.

(*) As August 15th is a public holiday, that class will be recuperated on Saturday, August 17th.

Month: 2nd to 28th September. (*)

1st fortnight: 2nd to 14th September. (*)

2nd fortnight: 16th to 28th September. (**)

(*) As September 11th is a public holiday, that class will be recuperated on Saturday, September 14th.

(**) As September 24th is a public holiday, that class will be recuperated on Saturday, September 28th.




5 hours/day, Monday to Friday,

for 2 or 4 weeks



Available Levels

A2 (elementary); B1.1 (pre-intermediate); B1.2 (intermediate); B2.1 (upper-intermediate); B2.2 (pre-advanced); C1.1 (advanced I); C1.2 (advanced II); C2 (proficiency).

Course Content

Your teacher will follow a syllabus, which covers all four linguistic skills with content designed to improve your level of English at a high pace. You will work with a textbook throughout the course, facilitating a more comprehensive understanding of the language.

Each class is grouped following the levels established in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), after a rigorous and specific level test, which prevents a difference in levels within a class and with a maximum of 8 students per class.

At the end of the course, our students receive a certificate confirming the number of hours completed, the level taken and a level recommendation to continue learning.

Assessment and Evaluation

All summer students will take progress tests and receive evaluation in skills such as writing, reading or listening comprehension. These are practical exams that focus on the student’s ability to use the English language in real situations. After the course, students receive a progress report.

OH Connect!


OH Connect is also included in your English summer super intensive course – your free tool to practice English where and whenever you like! Join the Oxford House team and experience an innovating way to improve along with other students and teachers from the school.

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4 WEEKS (100 hours)

2 WEEKS (50 hours)



FREE Enrolment

Payment Methods

Cash, card, check, direct debit or bank transfer.

Available Discounts

10% Carnet Jove; 5% familia numerosa or monoparental; 5% on second enrolment or second family member enrolled. Check additional conditions for discounts.

Terms and Conditions

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