The best way to learn a language is by using it.
Practise speaking and listening in a more relaxed, informal situation away from the classroom.
Meet new people and get to know new cultures and lifestyles.
Oxford House social activities include informal conversation clubs, sightseeing and excursions.

Social Activities coming soon:

Happy Friday

Happy Friday is a monthly language exchange event organized by Oxford House. Happy Friday locations, activities, and prizes vary by month, but our focus is always on enjoying the night!
We guarantee a great time while providing the opportunity to practice and improve your level of Spanish with native Spanish speakers who are interested in bettering their English.
Happy Friday is the only language exchange of its kind. You won’t find another event in Barcelona where you have this much fun without realizing you’re speaking Spanish!
If you’re interested in meeting new people, having fun, and speaking in another language, come to our next Happy Friday language exchange! See you there!

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These events are Spanish classes with a difference. From a trip to the markets, discussions, lunches and excursions, you can expect to learn and do things that many others will never get the opportunity to do – and all in Spanish!
Event dates and themes will change. You can find out which events are coming up via our online calendar, or see photos of our events on our Facebook page.

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Each year, we visit some of the ski resorts close to Barcelona with students and teachers from different countries to spend a fun weekend doing activities that help to practice Spanish. Follow this link to have a look at some photos and information from this year’s trip! (link)

Additional information can be found on our calendar.

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