Our English classes for children and teenagers are focussed on speaking and listening comprehension related to common real-life topics that students might encounter outside of school now or in the future. Students also practice writing and reading comprehension.

Our experience shows that for English courses for children and teens to be successful they should:

  • Have motivated teachers who are experienced working with young students.

  • Be focussed on spoken communication.

  • Include open and regular communication between the school, the language teachers and the parents.

  • Have small groups, ideally up to 10 students.

  • Include a commitment on the part of students to practice English outside of the classroom, for example, watching television, reading books or magazines or listening to music.



Throughout the course our students complete projects, publish work in OH Connect and work on compiling a portfolio that is evaluated at the end of the course. Our English courses for children and teenagers follow the guidelines contained in the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR) for each level and each of our students receives an Oxford House certificate at the end of the course.



OH Connect is also included in their course – a free tool to practice English where and whenever they like! Students can join the Oxford House team and experience an innovating way to improve along with other students and teachers from the school.



Parent-Teacher meetings

We offer parents the opportunity to speak face-to-face with their child or teen’s teacher two times during the academic year, in December and again in May. During these meetings parents and teachers discuss the student’s progress in class and with their level of English. Outside of these meetings, we welcome parents to contact us to organize a meeting with their child’s teacher at any other time throughout the academic year.

Open Doors Days

Each trimester we choose one day to invite parents to the school to see how their children are progressing in class and to view some of their work. For these special days, each class prepares a presentation (theatre, song or other) for the visiting parents.


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