Course description

English is the principal language of the business world. This course is designed to develop your business communication skills in English. Students learn to express themselves better in a variety of professional situations in addition to studying business vocabulary and reinforcing English grammar.

The course covers, among other topics, giving presentations in English, business writing, formal and informal language, telephone etiquette, conflict resolution, negotiation, CV writing and interviews.

The minimum level of English to join this course is B2.

For more information about dates and prices for this course, please use the drop-down menus below or contact us via chat, email or phone at +34 93 174 00 62.

Maximum 8 students per group.

FREE enrolment.

First Term:

M/W courses: 14 October - 18 December 2019

T/Th courses: 15 October - 19 December 2019

Second Term:

M/W courses: 13 January - 18 March 2020

T/Th courses: 14 January - 19 March 2020

Third Term:

M/W courses: 30 March - 17 June 2020

T/Th courses: 31 March - 11 June 2019


3 hours/week for 3 months.


Monday and Wednesday

20.00 – 21.30

Tuesday and Thursday

20.00 – 21.30


Free enrolment.

Payment methods

First payment: cash, cheque, credit card or bank transfer.

Subsequent payments: direct debit from bank account.

Available discounts

10% Carnet Jove; 5% Student University card; 5% “familia numerosa o monoparental”; 5% on second enrolment or second family member enrolled. Consult on discount conditions.

Terms conditions


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