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Are you looking to improve your English for academic purposes? Would you like to study at a University in an English speaking country, such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the UK? If so the IELTS is the course for you.

We offer an 8 week intensive course for 4 hours a week. This course is designed to help you prepare for the various parts of the exam and to assist you in passing as soon as you are ready.

Our IELTS preparation course is taught by qualified teachers who are experienced in preparing students for the IELTS exam. The classes, in small groups of up to 8 students, are dynamic and practical, focused on the knowledge and skills needed in order to pass the exam.

For more information about dates and prices for the IELTS course, please use the drop-down menus below or contact us via chat, email or phone at +34 93 174 00 62.

Maximum 8 students per group.

FREE enrolment.

We run intensive IELTS preparation courses every term.

First Term

Mon/Wed: 3 October - 26 November 2018.

Tue/Thu: 4 October - 29 November 2018.

Second Term

Mon/Wed: 14 January - 6 March 2019.

Tue/Thu: 15 January - 7 March 2019.

Third Term

Mon/Wed: To be confirmed.

Tue/Thu: To be confirmed.

First Term

IELTS Academic (Writing): 15 December 2018.

Second Term

IELTS Academic (Writing): 9 March 2019.

The oral exam can be either 7 days before or after the written exam.

First Term

IELTS Academic: 27 October 2018.

Second Term

IELTS Academic: 2 February 2019.

The IELTS (Academic) Mock Exam is offered to our Intensive students on preparation courses as a way to experience the exam before sitting for the official one.


4 hours/week for 8 weeks (32 hours) + 4 hours of homework/week.


Mon/Wed or Tue/Thu:

08.00 - 10.00

20.00 – 22.00

€370 course fee + exam fees.

Promo at 8h classes: €345!

FREE enrolment.

Payment Methods

Cash, card, cheque, direct debit or bank transfer.

Available Discounts

10% Carnet Jove; 5% Student University card; 5% “familia numerosa o monoparental”; 5% on second enrolment or second family member enrolled. Consult on discount conditions.

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IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is one of the most popular English language tests in the world with more than 2 million people taking them each year.

Taking IELTS creates opportunities allowing you to live, study and work all over the world. More than 9,000 organisations worldwide accept IELTS, including government, academic and employment institutions. Furthermore, IELTS is the only English language test which is accepted for immigration purposes by all countries that need one.

The IELTS exam is designed to help you use English in your new life overseas. In less than three hours, it will test all of your English skills including listening, reading, writing and speaking.

The best way of testing your English conversation skills is face-to-face. IELTS is the most widely accepted English language test with a one-on-one speaking test to assess your English language communication skills.

Designed by experts in English language assessment and trusted all over the world, you can be certain that IELTS will give a fair and consistent assessment of your English level.

Cambridge English Exams or IELTS?


OH Connect , our free online tool for practicing English, is included in your IELTS course. Sign up for this course and experience our innovative way of improving your English by interacting with other students and our teachers.

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