Oxford House provides extracurricular English classes in primary and secondary schools in Barcelona for students, parents and teachers. We provide participating schools with English teachers, materials and structured courses that are adapted to each school’s schedule and academic needs. Classes are given on location in the primary or secondary school.

Our extracurricular English courses follow a plan of studies integrated with official Cambridge ESOL and Trinity College examinations. This means that we can measure students’ progress within a framework recognized internationally.

  • Make students feel comfortable using English in realistic situations.
  • Improve spoken communication.
  • Provide an academic and professional advantage.
  • Provide an opportunity to obtain a Cambridge or Trinity English certificate.
  • Course content, including grammar and vocabulary, will be in line with a designated level of Cambridge or Trinity English exams.
  • At the start, participating students will complete a needs analysis to determine the correct level.
  • Groups have a maximum of 12 students.
  • Students do not complete exams but rather, create a portfolio of work throughout the course.
  • In June, we offer the chance to take the Trinity GESE exam to certify students#8217; level of spoken English.

Classes are focused on speaking and listening comprehension on common real-life topics that students might encounter outside of school currently or in the future. Students also practice writing and reading comprehension.

Our experience shows that for extracurricular English courses to be successful they should:

  • Have motivated teachers who are experienced working with young students.
  • Be focused on spoken communication.
  • Consist of regular classes completed over an extended period of time.
  • Include open and regular communication between the school, the language teachers and the parents.
  • Have small groups, ideally of 8 to 12 students.
  • Include a committment on the part of students to practice English outside of the classroom, for example, watching television, reading books or magazines or listening to music.

zona-jovenOH Connect is on online tool that enhances communication between our teachers, the children and teens taking our English courses and their parents. It consists of:

• A page for each class with the students’ work, the program of studies and attendance list.

• A multimedia gallery of photos and videos from our classes.

• A page with online resources for teaching English to children and teens .

We believe that publishing our students’ work in an online portfolio offers advantages for our students, their parents and our teachers. Visit OH Connect to read more about these advantages and to have a look at our students’ work.

OH Connect

Our experience

We have extensive experience educating students from 4 to 17 years old in English. Our courses are focused on students’ needs, taking into account their level and objectives.

Children and teens who complete out courses have an opportunity to take Cambridge or Trinity English exams.

Additionally, our school is a training centre for English teachers. Among the courses we provide for English teachers are specific courses on teaching English to children and teens.

Internationally recognized exams

Children and teens who complete out courses have an opportunity to take Cambridge or Trinity English exams.


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