Courses adapted to your needs

We are aware of the importance of flexibility when it comes to language courses and the ability to adapt the courses to the needs of our clients and their employees, and therefore, before you contract our services, we perform a free, no-commitment needs analysis of all the employees who will participate in the language class.

Every company is different. Every company has its unique employees with their distinct motivations for learning a language. Our courses all differ in length, intensity, content and format (in-person or distance). Some clients take English classes in order to improve their international presence. Others are international companies where we offer Spanish and Catalan courses to help employees from abroad adapt to their new workplace. We have clients who receive specialized courses preparing them for presentations or conferences and others who need courses for a specific objective (translation courses, negotiation courses, courses geared towards writing e-mails). We listen to you and reply to your inquiry with an offer based completely on your needs.

Government funding for language courses

All companies in Spain have the right to financial aid from the “Fundación Tripartita” to educate their employees. At Oxford House we have a department which will take care of all the paperwork in order for your company to be able to receive subsidised language courses at the lowest possible cost with the least hassle.

Levels and official language exams

At Oxford House we use the levels set by the The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which lets us measure students’ progress within a system recognised across Europe.

Many of our clients who contract our language courses also offer their employees the possibility of taking an official exam to demonstrate their knowledge, and at the same time establish clear objectives for the course. In these cases, the teacher prepares a program of study to prepare the employees to pass the chosen exam.

Oxford House is a registered Trinity College London GESE English exam centre and a Cambridge FCE, CAE and CPE exam preparation centre. We can prepare students for these exams, Spanish DELE exams, French diplomas and Catalan certificates. Contact the Director of Studies for more information about this option.

Recognized language exams and Common European Framework level guide


Our courses are designed in a way that the clients are kept informed of the progress being made by the participants. They are continually assessed by the qualified and experienced language professional who provides a detailed report at the end of the course. Each student will also speak individually to their teacher in order to discuss their objectives and to make sure their individual needs are met.


OH Connect is also included – a free tool to practice English! Students can join the Oxford House team and experience an innovating way to improve along with other students and teachers from the school.

Key services of all our courses

Preparation – before a course begins a comprehensive assessment of the participants’ English language competence is carried out by our Director of Studies

Assesment – a detailed report is presented at the end of the course taking into account the students’ ongoing progress

Tailored focus – great consideration is given to the specific needs associated to the client’s own long and short term goals

Monthly attendance report

Monthly meetings with the client to ensure the smooth running of the course