Free needs analysis


At Oxford House we understand that in order to benefit from the language courses offered in a company, students need to be studying at the correct level with classmates of a similar level. For this reason we conduct a free needs and level analysis of all students, without any commitment from the company. This ensure that the groups created will be adapted to the students’ levels.

It is possible to form groups of slightly different levels, following the “traditional” levels idea. This means, for example, that with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages Levels it is possible to divide a group into B2 and B2+.


What does the level test consist of?

It is very simple. We ask that those who are interested in taking part in language classes complete a written test, which is sent on before. After that they have an informal chat with a teacher to gauge their spoken level.

What does the needs’ analysis consist of?

To start off with, when our Director of Studies meets with HR, to formalise the details of the course, he will ask about the company’s objectives for the company. This helps to:

  • Decide the number of hours a week that the company should do.
  • Choose from our team of qualified teachers, the teacher who best fits in with the profile and needs of the company.

The other part of the needs’ analysis is constantly carried out by the teacher in direct communication with their students. The teacher will do a more precise needs’ analysis in the first class, to evaluate the following:

  • Short, medium and long term needs in the language./list_item]
  • Activities which foment learning.
  • Abilities which they want to focus the classes on (listening, reading, writing and speaking).