Passing C1 Advanced Part 8: Reading and Use of English

If you’re wondering how to do Part 8 of the Reading and Use of English paper, you’re in the right place! After sitting through the first seven sections of this paper, you’ll start to feel like you can see the light at the end of the tunnel – y... Read More

  • By: Sandra

Passing C1 Advanced Part 7: Reading and Use of English

Welcome to Part 7 of the Reading and Use of English paper. This task is a bit like a jigsaw puzzle. One where you have to arrange pieces of a text, until everything reads perfectly. Undoubtedly, this is one of the longest, and most difficult tasks in... Read More

  • By: Brenda

5 Free Online Resources For Cambridge English Exams

Are you preparing for a Cambridge English qualification? Have you devoured all of your past papers and need some extra exam practise? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled a number of websites for you, with helpful resources related ... Read More

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How to write a C1 Advanced Essay

The is an excellent qualification to aim for if you’re thinking of studying or working abroad. It’s recognised by universities and governments all over the world and also helps you prove your language skills to future employers. One of the most dema... Read More

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Am I ready for the C1 Advanced?

Congratulations! You’ve passed your Cambridge B2 First exam. It was a hard road but you did it. Now what’s next? Some people may want to take a break from their English exams. Others might want to throw themselves back in the deep end and start prepar... Read More

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A Guide To The Cambridge English Computer-Based Exams

Making the decision to do a Cambridge English language qualification can be intimidating. Whether you’re taking it because you need it for work, or just because you want to push yourself and improve your English skills, it requires time and dedication t... Read More

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Writing an effective essay: Cambridge B2 First

Students take language certifications like the Cambridge B2 First qualification for lots of different reasons. You might do it to motivate yourself to improve your language abilities, to prove your level of English to an employer, or even to achieve an am... Read More

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