Guide to the Cambridge C2 Proficiency Listening Test

Are you preparing for the Cambridge C2 Proficiency (CPE) exam? Would you like to know some tips to help you feel more at ease? If so, make yourself at home! When you’ve finished reading this blog, you’ll understand the structure of the Cambridge C... Read More

  • By: Brenda

Guide to the Cambridge C2 Proficiency Speaking Test

Well done. You’ve been moving along your English language journey for some time now. You remember the days of telling yourself, in no uncertain terms, that you mustn’t forget to use the present continuous correctly in speaking part 2 of your B1. What ... Read More

  • By: Sandra

5 Free Online Resources For Cambridge English Exams

Are you preparing for a Cambridge English qualification? Have you devoured all of your past papers and need some extra exam practise? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled a number of websites for you, with helpful resources related ... Read More

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Passing C2 Proficiency: A Guide to Reading Part 6

We’re sure you’ve done a great job answering the questions for of your . But now you’re faced with a completely different challenge. In front of you is a jigsaw puzzle of a story, with some big gaps, odd linking expressions, mysterious pronouns, a... Read More

  • By: Brenda

Passing C2 Proficiency: A Guide to Reading Part 5

You have survived the Use of English section of your , but now you are faced with a long text full of strange language, an unfamiliar theme, a list of ambiguous questions, and a ticking clock. But don’t worry! We are here to get you through this sectio... Read More

  • By: Brenda

A Guide To The Cambridge English Computer-Based Exams

Making the decision to do a Cambridge English language qualification can be intimidating. Whether you’re taking it because you need it for work, or just because you want to push yourself and improve your English skills, it requires time and dedication t... Read More

  • By: Brenda

Writing an effective essay: Cambridge B2 First

Students take language certifications like the Cambridge B2 First qualification for lots of different reasons. You might do it to motivate yourself to improve your language abilities, to prove your level of English to an employer, or even to achieve an am... Read More

  • By: Brenda