How To Write A B2 First Formal Email/Letter

Dear reader… We sincerely hope you enjoyed our previous blog posts about the Writing section of the B2 First. As promised, here’s the latest instalment in the series. That’s right, today we’ll be teaching you how to write a formal letter or email ... Read More

  • By: Brenda

How to write a B2 First informal email/letter

You're probably very familiar with sending emails (and sometimes letters) in your first language. But how about in English? Writing in another language is not always so simple. If you want to pass your B2 First Certificate exam (FCE), this is an essential... Read More

  • By: Sandra

How To Write a Report: Cambridge B2 First

Imagine the scene. It’s exam day. You’re nearly at the end of your . You’ve just finished writing Part 1 - , and now it’s time to start Part 2. So you turn over the page to find three options: - A you know - An you’ve seen before - But ... Read More

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5 Free Online Resources For Cambridge English Exams

Are you preparing for a Cambridge English qualification? Have you devoured all of your past papers and need some extra exam practise? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled a number of websites for you, with helpful resources related ... Read More

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How To Write A Review: Cambridge B2 First

Students who are taking their B2 First Certificate exam (FCE) will be asked to do two pieces of writing within an 80 minute time limit. Part 1 is . Part 2 is where you can get a bit more creative. You might, for example, be asked to write a letter, a repo... Read More

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FAQ Cambridge courses and Exams

  Is it better to do the paper-based or the computer-based exam? We recommend the computer-based exam to our students for many reasons. Here are just a few: - The computer-based exams are held more frequently compared to the paper-based exams. You... Read More

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Cambridge English Exams or IELTS?

What exactly is the difference between an IELTS exam and a Cambridge English exam such as the First (FCE) or Advanced (CAE)? This is a common question students ask. In this blog post we will have a closer look at both exams and outline similarities and di... Read More

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