Useful Expressions For Negotiating In English

A lot of our global business is conducted in English. So, there’s a strong chance you may have to learn how to negotiate using it. Fortunately, there are a number of key phrases, expressions and words that can help you effectively communicate when d... Read More

  • By: Sandra

10 Business Idioms For The Workplace

Business idioms are used throughout the workplace. In meetings, conversations and even whilst making at the coffee machine - you’ll be sure to hear them wherever you go. Knowing business will help you understand native speakers better. You’ll b... Read More

  • By: Brenda

The Ultimate Guide To Video Conferencing In English

The age of telecommunication is well and truly here. Most of our business meetings now take place via video conferencing. Whether you’re using Zoom, Teams or Google Meet, the idea of a conference call in your second and sometimes third language can be ... Read More

  • By: Brenda

Small Talk For Business English

Like it or not, small talk is an important part of business. Whether it’s in a lift, at a conference, in a meeting room or even over the phone, it might seem inconsequential, but it actually has several functions. Small talk is there to break the ice... Read More

  • By: Brenda

8 Resources To Build Your Business Vocabulary

Whether it’s in meetings, telephone conversations or networking events, you’ll find specific vocabulary and buzzwords everywhere in the world of business! Knowing these words in English can help open career opportunities and help you communicate effec... Read More

  • By: Brenda

These 5 Soft Skills Will Boost Your Career

Everyone is talking about soft skills. They are the personal traits that allow you to be mentally elastic, to adapt to new situations, and to be an excellent communicator and creative problem solver. And why are these skills soft exactly? Because, unl... Read More

  • By: Brenda

How to Write the Perfect Business Email

Business is all about communication. Whether it’s colleagues, clients or suppliers, we spend a big chunk of our working lives interacting with other people. There are powerful, new tools out there - like , and - that can help us collaborate on project... Read More

  • By: Brenda