Useful Expressions For Negotiating In English

A lot of our global business is conducted in English. So, there’s a strong chance you may have to learn how to negotiate using it. Fortunately, there are a number of key phrases, expressions and words that can help you effectively communicate when d... Read More

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8 Resources To Help Beginner English Learners

Learning a new language is hard, but fun. If you are learning English but need some help, our monthly course is what you need. It is for people who are learning English for the first time. You will learn all the basic skills including reading, writi... Read More

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7 Of The Best Apps For Learning English Vocabulary

There are roughly 170,000 words in use in the English language. Thankfully, most native English speakers only have a vocabulary of . Still, that’s a lot of language for you to study! The good news is, with the right app in your pocket, it has never bee... Read More

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10 Business Idioms For The Workplace

Business idioms are used throughout the workplace. In meetings, conversations and even whilst making at the coffee machine - you’ll be sure to hear them wherever you go. Knowing business will help you understand native speakers better. You’ll b... Read More

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8 English Words You Need For 2021

Back in December 2019, we sat down and attempted to make a list of . No one could have predicted the year that was about to unfold. Nor, could we imagine the vortex of new words needed to make sense of the pandemic. For the , it was a year for unpreced... Read More

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Small Talk For Business English

Like it or not, small talk is an important part of business. Whether it’s in a lift, at a conference, in a meeting room or even over the phone, it might seem inconsequential, but it actually has several functions. Small talk is there to break the ice... Read More

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English Vocabulary For Going On A Date

It’s time for that famous celebration of love and romance - Valentine’s Day! It is inspired by the sad story of Saint Valentine of Rome. According to legend, he performed weddings for Roman soldiers who were forbidden to marry under Roman law. He was ... Read More

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15 New English Words You Need for 2020

Each year new words enter the English language. Some are added to dictionaries like . Others are old words that are given new meanings. These new words show the evolution of language and the issues affecting the world today. And the most popular words of ... Read More

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Our Year In Review: Top 10 Blog Posts Of 2019

2019 went by in a flash - and what a year it’s been! We’re just as excited to be looking back on the past 12 months as we are for the New Year. If you’re like us and you’re ready to get cosy with a hot chocolate in hand, we’re sure you’ll ... Read More

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A Black Friday Guide to Shopping in English

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. Traditionally, it signals the start of the Christmas shopping period. Expect to get lots of your favourite products at discount prices and to see lots of shops bustling with people! What once began as a day of ... Read More

The Secret French Words Hidden In The English Language

“The problem with the French is that they have no word for entrepreneur.” This phrase was attributed to George W. Bush, evidence of his famed stupidity. ‘Entrepreneur’ is a French word, duh! In fairness, he never said this, but it’s still a fu... Read More

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Our 10 Most Popular Blog Posts Of 2018

It’s been a whirlwind 2018. We’ve made so many amazing memories - from our twentieth-anniversary party to some entertaining intercambio nights, and of course lots of great classes. And we wouldn't change it for the world! So let’s take a look back ... Read More

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World Cup Vocabulary: Let’s Talk About Football!

Football, football, football: the whole world is going crazy for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia! The beautiful game is also the most popular sport in the world and is played everywhere, from streets to stadiums. People love the game because it’s ... Read More

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4 Ways English Words are Born

Have you ever wondered where English words come from? There are a whopping 171,476 words in the . From aardvark to zyzzyva, words come in all shapes and sizes. In this post we’ll explore some of the mechanisms through which words are born and we’ll ... Read More

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Essential Ski Vocabulary [Infographic]

Are you a ski-fanatic that spends all week dreaming about white-capped peaks, fluffy snow and hearty mountain food? this doesn’t just have to be a dream! Whether you plan to join the - the perfect excuse to practise your English while enjoyi... Read More

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10 English words you need for 2018

Languages are constantly on the move and English is no exception! As technology, culture and politics evolve, we’re faced with the challenge of trying to find new words to describe all these changes. So, every few months, dictionaries like the have to ... Read More

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