Learning a new language is hard, but fun. If you are learning English but need some help, our English Starter monthly course is what you need.

It is for people who are learning English for the first time. You will learn all the basic skills including reading, writing, speaking and listening. You will also learn grammar structures, new vocabulary, pronunciation and spelling.

To help you find ways to practice these skills outside of the classroom, here is a list of eight resources to help beginner English learners.


1. Reading


Beelinguapp’s wants to make learning English as interesting as possible. They have a library of stories and news articles. You can find books from different genres, including; science and technology, history, culture, mystery, and adventure.

It allows you to select keywords and add them to your personal glossary so you can review what you learned. Also, if you need help, you can read a copy in your first language, next to the English text.

The app also offers audiobooks. That means you can improve your listening comprehension while you read. All you have to do is choose your story and get started!

Reading-Beelinguapps | 8 Resources to help beginner English learners | Oxford House Barcelona

2. Writing


Grammarly makes writing very simple. Just write a text into the app and wait. It corrects your spelling and grammar and explains why you have made a mistake.

If you want to write a formal letter or email, the app will check your tone. It will also offer you tips to improve. This is great practice if you want to get better at understanding English while you write.

Grammarly also has a special keyboard for their phone. It shows your mistakes when writing emails and text messages to friends, family and colleagues.
Writing-Grammarly | 8 Resources to help beginner English learners | Oxford House Barcelona

3. Listening


The English Short Stories for Beginners podcast is simple and easy to understand.

The speaker talks slowly and clearly, and uses beginner-level vocabulary. The podcast includes 12 short stories. Each one has a new topic, from visiting the zoo to going on holiday.

There is an option to slow down the audio, so you can go at your own pace. You can also repeat it when you need to. This podcast is great to listen to at home, while you’re out walking or driving to work.

Listening-English Short Stories for Beginners | 8 Resources to help beginner English learners | Oxford House Barcelona

4. Speaking


HelloTalk can help you practise English speaking. The app allows you to talk with English speakers from all over the world, for free.

You can search for people by city, distance from you, accent, and more. The app lets you make video and audio calls.

You can also speak in group chats. There are translation tools to help you. All you need to do is set up a profile, search for a person to speak to – and say hello!

It helps give you confidence when speaking and will give you extra practice outside of class.

Speaking-HelloTalk | Oxford House Barcelona

5. Spelling


Our wonderful teacher Billie has her very own YouTube channel, Billie English. She helps students learn basic English. She has videos on different language topics, such as pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary.

Her spelling videos are very useful for beginner English learners. For example, her How to Spell in English video shows you how to pronounce the alphabet and use it to spell different words.

If you want to learn how to spell your name, your email address or any other information correctly, this is for you!

Spelling-Billie English | 8 Resources to help beginner English learners | Oxford House Barcelona

6. Vocabulary


The Easy English YouTube channel helps you learn new words in English. With over 1.5 million subscribers, the channel posts regular content aimed at beginner learners.

It creates videos that teach you useful vocabulary that you can use on a daily basis. For example, it will teach you how to describe how people look and their personalities, hobbies, daily routines, jobs and occupations, food and drink, and much more.

The videos are beautifully illustrated. They are also quite short, so you can watch them easily.

Vocabulary-Easy English | 8 Resources to help beginner English learners | Oxford House Barcelona

7. Pronunciation


English pronunciation is hard to learn. But don’t worry, we can help!

Pronunciation With Emma is the perfect Instagram account to follow for anyone who wants to improve how they speak.

Emma is an experienced English language teacher from the UK. She shows you the correct pronunciation of difficult words such as ‘headache’ and ‘answer’.

She also demonstrates the difference between words such as ‘pick’ and ‘peek’, ‘ship’ and ‘sheep’ and ‘bit’ and ‘beat’.

She creates regular quizzes and polls so you can test your knowledge as you learn.

Pronunciation with Emma - Pronunciation |  8 Resources to help beginner English learners | Oxford House Barcelona

8. Grammar


Now there’s a fun way to learn grammar! Grammar Up is an app that offers grammar explanations, exercises and quizzes.

You can find everything you need from irregular verbs to verb tenses, adjectives to prepositions. It helps you improve your grammar, word choice, and vocabulary.

The app uses multiple choice quizzes to test your grammar. There is also a timer, which is useful if you are preparing for an exam.

Grammar Up - Grammar |  8 Resources to help beginner English learners | Oxford House Barcelona

Glossary for Language Learners


Find the following words in the article and then write down any new ones you didn’t know.

Hard (adj): talented.

Genres (n): to captivate.

Mistake (n): a product release.

Pace (n): emotional.

Tools (n): something spreads quickly on the internet.

Illustrated (adj): cardboard signs.

Subscribers (n): emotional.

Headache (n): captivating.

Timer (n): interesting and different.


adj = adjective

n = noun

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