Haven’t you heard? Nobody is watching the TV anymore – 2019 is the year of the YouTuber!

If you’re an English language student, there’s some great news for you: there are hundreds of thousands of videos to help you learn English and thousands of teachers presenting them. Each one has something new to offer you – however you like to learn and whatever your age or level.

So, whether it’s a quick 3-minute grammar explanation, exam tips, English for kids or pronunciation practice, we have found the best language learning channels for you.

Read on to discover our top ten favourite YouTubers to help you learn English.


1. Cambridge Advanced speaking tips with Language Coach


Oxford House teacher trainer Billie Haase has a variety of different videos on her YouTube channel, but perhaps our favourite are her speaking exam tips.

Billie gives examples of the types of questions they ask you in the Cambridge Advanced speaking exam. She also gives a demo of the perfect model answer to help you with both length and language.

Additionally you can find separate videos on taking turns and showing interest to help you prepare for the big day!

Check out the video below for help on that dreaded Speaking Part 2:

2. For British English, try English with Lucy


Are you travelling to the UK soon and want to practise your British English pronunciation? If the answer is yes, then English with Lucy is for you.

Lucy began her career as an English teacher in Seville so she has lots of inside knowledge of common mistakes from Spanish speakers. She describes her channel as ‘beautiful British English’, taking some of the more complicated words in English and helping you pronounce them.

Would you like to learn how to pronounce the words fruit, queue, recipe and comfortable like a native speaker? Then take a look at this video of the 10 words you pronounce incorrectly:

3. For American English, try Rachel’s English!


For some students, Americans accents can be difficult to understand. Conversations can be fast and the pronunciation and word stress can be very different from what you’ve learnt with a British English teacher!

Rachel is here to help you. She uses famous movies to identify American idioms, American pronunciation and even uses real-life conversations with her family to demonstrate everyday Americanisms!

Watch how Rachel teaches word stress and dropped sounds using the film The Martian:

4. English vocabulary with Learn English 101


With nearly three million subscribers, Learn English 101 is one of the most popular YouTube channels on our list! Why? Presenter Alisha claims to have you speaking ‘real English’ in minutes.

There are lots of videos on her channel, from tips on how to increase your English vocabulary to must-know phone phrases to a weekly word section. Her videos also have subtitles making them super easy to follow!

Take a look at her video of the top 25 Must-Know adjectives in English. How many did you know?

5. English Grammar with EnglishVid


If you prefer traditional whiteboard grammar explanations EnglishVid is great! Whether you’re looking for the different uses of gerunds and infinitives, subject verb-agreement or another grammar point, there are over 900 lessons. You can be sure you’ll find the grammar point you’re looking for.

They also have 11 different teachers, which means you can choose the one who suits you! Our favourite teacher is James. He has 12 years’ experience teaching English and brings a lot of joy to the screen.

Get ready to smile as you watch James teach the exceptions of comparatives and superlatives!

6. English for Kids with Wow English TV


Steve and Maggie the magpie are both fun-loving characters to teach your kids English!

Wow English TV includes colourful cartoons, songs and stories to teach spelling and vocabulary to children in a ‘playful natural way.’

We love Steve and Maggie for the simplicity and enthusiasm! But please note, if you listen for too long it might drive you up the wall!

Sing along to this ‘the wheels on the bus’ with this video which has nearly fifty million views!

7. Funny English with Papa Teach Me


Have you ever wanted to learn to speak English like the characters of Game of Thrones? If so, then here’s your opportunity!

Learn English with Papa Teach Me offers funny (and serious) videos aimed at a range of language learning levels. He has some top videos on prepositions, different ways to say ‘thank you’ and even vocabulary to use at the pub! He also does a live English class every Sunday at 3pm (London Time).

We like his channel because of his humorous, but informative style of teaching!

Learn to speak like Jon Snow using the phonetic alphabet in this video:

8. English for Teens with the British Council


Okay, so this one is not your classic YouTuber, but we still love it!

The British council have their own channel especially for teens which includes ‘grammar snacks’ and lots of speaking skills practise.

Another great thing about this channel is that it has real life teens, talking about everyday situations, and a range of dialogues and activities to help you practise your English.

Find out why Gemma is so embarrassed and help give her some advice in the following video:

9. Business English with mmmEnglish


MmmEnglish is another channel with lots of videos but our favourites are definitely the Business English workshops!

Australian coach Emma teaches you different business expressions like to be thrown in at the deep end. She also has imitation lessons where you listen and copy set phrases to help you speak more fluently at work.

Added bonus: the videos are only about ten minutes long, which means they are perfect for watching on your coffee break!

Do you know what it means to be flat out at work. What about to get back on track with a project? Find out here in this video:

10. Everyday English with MisterDuncan


Are you confused about Brexit? Do you know what Black Friday is? Learn about these topics and more from MisterDuncan!

Although his videos can be a little strange, this funny middle-aged British YouTuber has some excellent videos to help you learn English. He makes news report style videos live from his garden, or records live from his holiday. All of his videos are designed to help you practise your English in a natural organic way.

Take a look at that Brexit explanation right here:

Loved this? Let us know in the comments which of these YouTube channels you are going to subscribe to!

Also read our blog on ‘How to Improve your English with YouTube’ for more videos and tips!

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Glossary for Language Learners


Find the following words in the article and then write down any new ones you didn’t know.

Dreaded (adj):: something to be frightened of.

Inside knowledge (exp): information only known to a select group of people.

Dropped sounds (n): when a sound is missed or deleted.

Must-know (adj): information that is essential.

Joy (n): happiness.

Magpie (n): a black bird with a long tail and white markings.

Drive you up the wall (exp): to make you crazy.

Humorous (adj): funny or entertaining.

To be thrown in at the deep end (exp): to enter a new situation without being completely prepared.


adj = adjective

exp = expression

n = noun

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