Christmas movies are one of the best things about the holiday season. They’re fun, they get you in the mood for the holidays, and they’re a great excuse to practise your English!

Netflix has a wide selection of Christmas movies to choose from. Resist the temptation to watch the dubbed version and pick the original English instead. You’ll find that it’s a fantastic way to hear different accents, mimic the actors’ pronunciation, and learn some festive vocabulary.

So get yourself a mug of hot chocolate and a cosy blanket. It’s time to put on one of these Christmas movies and start improving your English with Netflix.


1. Holidate

Holidate tells the story of two strangers who agree to be each other’s’ plus-ones for an entire year. Sloane (Emma Roberts) and Jackson (Luke Bracey) are both tired of the pressure and judgment they face for being single on holidays. So, they strike up a pact and decide on a set of rules for their platonic relationship. But, as luck would have it, they realise they have genuine feelings for each other along the way.

This story will resonate with anyone who’s had to explain themselves for not bringing a date to a Christmas party – and anyone who’s ever felt lonely over the holidays.

Why is it good for learning English?

Holidate is a great film for practising different accents. While the character of Sloane is played by an American actress, the male protagonist Jackson is played by a British actor. So, their conversations offer a great chance for language learners to listen to different accents and switch between them rapidly.


2. Klaus

Klaus is a modern take on the classic Christmas theme of love and kindness. This animated film tells the story of Jesper, a postman stationed on a frozen island above the Arctic Circle, who makes friends with a mysterious toymaker named Klaus. Together, they put an end to a long-running feud between the townsfolk and succeed in bringing joy to their hearts.

Klaus’s love for making toys and Jesper’s enthusiasm to deliver them makes them great partners as they unknowingly create a beautiful holiday tradition.

This humorous, family-friendly tale of selflessness is bound to awaken the Christmas spirit in everyone.

Why is it good for learning English?

Klaus has some excellent voice-acting performances by award-winning actors like J.K. Simmons (as Klaus) and Jason Schwartzman (as Jesper). It’s easy to understand for language learners. And it has plenty of funny moments that offer a chance to learn new expressions.


3. The Knight Before Christmas

The Knight Before Christmas is a fantastic story about an unhappy science teacher who falls in love with a time-travelling medieval knight. Brooke (Vanessa Hudgens) and Sir Cole (Josh Whitehouse) meet during the holiday season in present-day America. The unlikely romance unfolds as Brooke tries to help Sir Cole adjust to the modern world and find a way to get home.

This film is a tasteful romantic comedy that’s perfect for watching on your own or together with your significant other.

Why is it good for learning English?

Since the character of Sir Cole is a 14th-century knight, he not only acts but also speaks like one. This offers language learners a great chance to listen to an actor speaking in a British accent and using old-fashioned expressions and pleasantries. Try guessing the meaning of Sir Cole’s words from the context of the conversation!


4. Let It Snow

Let It Snow follows a group of young people who spend Christmas Eve in a small town amid a snowstorm. Based on the best-selling novel of the same name, the film presents a light-hearted rendition of the “best friends fall in love” theme. While Tobin (Mitchell Hope) struggles to muster up the courage to tell Angie (Kiernan Shipka) he likes her, the rest of the characters get their own storyline. What all of them share is the message of self-love, acceptance, and respect for other people.

All in all, Let It Snow is a great choice for a hopeful, feel-good movie that’s all about friendship and young love.

Why is it good for learning English?

Let It Snow has some of the most hilarious scenes of the holiday season. They’re also packed with American slang and expressions used by the younger generation. It’s great for practising a casual, conversational style of English.


5. Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey is a unique holiday musical with all the characters, costumes and tunes you could ever want in a Christmas movie. It’s set in an imaginary world where toymaker Jeronicus Jangle (Forest Whitaker) gets help from his adventurous granddaughter Journey (Madalen Mills) to find a stolen magical invention.

This movie is a great pick if you just want to wind down and immerse yourself in the wonder and magic of Christmas. The visuals are impressive and the dialogue will keep you engaged throughout the story.

Why is it good for learning English?

Jingle Jangle features a wide variety of American accents. And, its cast has several child actors whose speech is easy to understand and learn from. If you’d like, try using the shadowing technique to imitate their speech and practise your pronunciation!


Have you seen any of these movies? Let us know how you liked them in the comments below!

And, if you’re looking for more tips on what to watch during the holidays, check out the 5 best Netflix series to learn English.

Glossary for Language Learners


Find the following words in the article and then write down any new ones you didn’t know.

Plus-one (n): a person who accompanies someone else to an event.

Strike up a pact (pv): make a deal.

Resonate with (pv): evoke memories or emotions.

Feud (n): a prolonged fight or dispute.

Unfold (v): gradually happen.

Significant other (n): romantic partner.

Pleasantry (n): a remark made out of politeness.

Muster up the courage (pv): gather the strength to do something brave.

Wind down (pv): relax.


n = noun

pv = phrasal verb

v = verb

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