If you’re a student at Oxford House, you’ll know it is far more than just a language academy. It’s a place to socialise, make new friends and take part in lots of exciting new activities while you’re learning.

Let’s go through some of the clubs, events and things you can get involved in while you are studying at Oxford House and help you make the most of your experience with us!

Why Oxford House is more than just a language academy - Happy Fridays | Oxford House Barcelona

Happy Friday

Happy Friday is one of our most popular, regular events. Taking place once a month on a Friday, this language exchange is all about having fun and great conversations. Whether you’re studying English or Spanish, you’ll have lots of time to practice speaking in your preferred language.

With trivia quizzes, music themed events, games nights, improv evenings and many more surprises to come, there’s nothing quite like Happy Fridays anywhere in Barcelona.

Sign up for our next event!

Why Oxford House is more than just a language academy - Chatty Thursdays | Oxford House Barcelona

Chatty Thursday

Something special happens every first and third Thursday of the month. Students get together with Justin and take part in Chatty Thursday – a dynamic and creative English conversation class.

Every class has a fun theme that has everyone involved. In our past Chatty Thursday classes, students have taken part in a murder mystery, they’ve organised a group holiday and they’ve even created a new country!

The conversation is also sometimes focused on speaking exam preparation and other practical topics. Then, when the class has finished, the conversation has only just begun – we take a short five minute walk to Zafra and continue the conversation in the cozy bar.

For students in our General English Courses, Cambridge Courses, Business English or IELTS it’s completely free to participate. And if you’re not a student, it costs just €3 to join in.

So, if Chatty Thursday sounds like your cup of tea, sign up at reception.

Why Oxford House is more than just a language academy - Book Club | Oxford House Barcelona

Book Club

The Oxford House Book Club is perfect for English and Spanish language reading fans. Teacher Alana Sirett will be running the English language book club and Patricia Ramos Vizoso will be running the Spanish one.

The club is totally free for any General English, IELTS, Business or Cambridge students, although you will need to purchase the book yourselves. If you’re not a student on these courses, you are also welcome – paying €5 per session to reception.

The book club will meet once a month for an hour and a half in the evening. You’ll read one book per term and get together to talk about the characters, the story, what interested you most and offer your opinions. You’ll also discuss the reading challenges you faced and new vocabulary and have the chance to chat with your new friends before and after the session.

There’s an intermediate and advanced group in English and an intermediate group in Spanish. To get involved, just get in touch with reception!

Why Oxford House is more than just a language academy - Library | Oxford House Barcelona

The Oxford House Library

Even if you can’t make book club – reading in another language is an excellent way to improve vocabulary and comprehension. So don’t miss out on the chance to use Oxford House’s library to borrow original titles and graded readers. Whether you want to challenge yourself to reading a full novel, a short story or a magazine you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for here.

Our graded readers are especially helpful if you want to improve your vocabulary without jumping in at the deep end.

To get started – head over to reception, leave a €5 deposit and find yourself something to read.

Why Oxford House is more than just a language academy - Our Garden | Oxford House Barcelona

Enjoy the Garden

We’re very proud of our garden. Offering space for students and teachers, it’s an excellent spot to relax in, get some sun or have a conversation.

Get together with your classmates and have a chat before class, relax and have a coffee, or do your homework after class.


Annual Ski Trip

Feeling the need for speed? Or do you have a hankering for some mountain adventure? Our popular annual ski trip might just be for you.


Every year Oxford House gets a crew of students and staff together and heads up to Pyrenees to visit a ski resort in Andorra. After a fun weekend of skiing and snowboarding (and some excellent apres ski parties) we head home together having made lots of new friends and even more memories.

Glossary for Language Learners


Find the following words in the article and then write down any new ones you didn’t know.

Trivia [quiz] (n): a competitive quiz that tests your general knowledge, or knowledge about a specific subject.

Improv (n): short for improvisation, it refers to a type of performance (usually comedy) that happens without rehearsal or planning.

Chatty (adj): this is a positive way to refer to a person who talks a lot in a friendly way.

Murder mystery (n): a game that takes place over a few hours in which people try to solve an imaginary crime.

Cozy (adj): a place that is warm, friendly and quite small.

Your cup of tea (exp): something that appeals to you.

Miss out on (pv): to not do something beneficial or something that you want to do.

Graded readers (n): a type of book that has been adapted especially for language learners.

Jumping in at the deep end (exp): to do something difficult while not having much experience.

Hankering (n): wanting to do something, a craving.


n = noun

adj = adjective

exp = expression

pv = phrasal verb

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