Are you looking for ways to learn English during the summer holidays? We’ve got you covered – Instagram Reels is a new and exciting way to practise English!

Read on to find out how it can help you learn English and the top six accounts you can follow today.


What is Instagram Reels and why is it good for learning English?


Reels is a new video feature in Instagram. You can use it on both iOS and Android and it lets you create (and watch) 60-second video clips. There are a number of reasons why Reels is great for learning English. These include:

Perfect for learning quickly!

Reels are typically anywhere between 10–60 seconds. This allows you the chance to get useful information quickly. It’s especially for those who struggle to concentrate on a video or class for a long time.

Practise a range of skills

Reels is perfect if you want to work on your listening comprehension, pronunciation or build up your vocabulary. Some videos also encourage the user to comment, meaning that you practise your writing skills too.

You can access them anywhere

If you’re going away this summer you don’t need to worry about carrying your textbooks with you. Reels are easy to access through Instagram on your phone. So why not practise English by the pool?

Learn everyday English

Rather than studying a curriculum from a book, Reels are short and snappy. They typically include more casual vocabulary, expressions, phrasal verbs and everyday speaking skills.


6 Reels accounts to learn English


Here are our six favourite Reels accounts:

1. Oxford House

We’re happy to announce that we are now uploading Reels onto our very own Instagram account!

We’re offering tips on how to improve your English, as well as teach you phrasal verbs, false friends and a range of expressions. In addition, our Reels will show you the difference between UK and US pronunciation, as well as share cultural traditions and interesting facts about English!

Follow our account here.

Oxford House reels | 6 Reels accounts to learn English | Oxford House Barcelona

2. Speak English With Mish

Mish is an experienced language teacher whose aim is to help people improve their English by building their confidence and fluency. She posts regular Reels which will teach you vocabulary, grammar tips and common mistakes such as incorrect question formation and pronunciation.

She also records conversation practice Reels which will teach you how to tell the time, give directions and role-play different situations such as at the bookstore or doctor’s office.

Check her Reels out here.

Speak English With Mish | 6 Reels accounts to learn English | Oxford House Barcelona

3. English With Gemma

Gemma shares a mix of posts and Reels on her Instagram page aimed at helping English language learners. She uses her videos to show you the correct pronunciation of words, new idioms and everyday English phrases.

Furthermore, she highlights more polite ways of speaking. For example, she’ll teach you how to graciously refuse or say no, as well as how to politely ask someone what they want.

See her account here.

English with Gemma | 6 Reels accounts to learn English | Oxford House Barcelona

4. How_to_british

This Reels account is perfect for those wanting to perfect their British accent! Featuring Meg Vincetta, this account focuses on using colloquial language, slang words, expressions and idioms for daily use in the UK.

She also highlights tips for perfecting your pronunciation and offers some interesting insights and explanations into how British people live. Follow this account if you’re planning a trip to the UK or want to study here in the future.

Find the account here.

How to British | 6 Reels accounts to learn English | Oxford House Barcelona

5. Pronunciation with Emma

If you’re looking to improve your pronunciation, then this account is perfect! Emma is an English language teacher from the UK who specialises in creating Reels specifically for learners struggling with pronunciation.

She posts regular videos helping with common pronunciation problems. For example, her videos demonstrate the difference between vowel sounds, and show you the correct pronunciation of different homophones, words in different languages and words with silent letters.

Check her out here.

Pronunciation with Emma | 6 Reels accounts to learn English | Oxford House Barcelona

6. English_bucketlist

Fernanda is an English teacher who uploads Reels with information about English vocabulary, verb and noun collocations, pronunciation and phrasal verbs for her 50,000+ followers.

She also acts out role plays to show learners what to say in particular situations, such as checking into a hotel. Aside from her Reels, she uploads interesting posts with cultural facts about different English-speaking countries, as well as language-themed posts like idioms, false friends and confusing words.

Find her account here.

English_Bucketlist | 6 Reels accounts to learn English | Oxford House Barcelona

If you enjoy learning English with Reels, you might also like to read about how you can learn English with Tik Tok. If you follow any accounts that help you to learn English, please tell us in the comments. We’d love to know!

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Glossary for Language Learners


Find the following words in the article and then write down any new ones you didn’t know.

To have someone covered (exp): to have done whatever is needed so that the person doesn’t have to worry about a thing.

To struggle (v): have difficulty managing or coping with something.

Snappy (adj): cleverly concise and neat.

To aim (v): direct information, a product, or an action towards something or someone.

Slang (n): very informal language.

To act out (pv): perform a narrative as if it were a play.


exp = expression

v = verb

adj = adjective

n = noun

pv = phrasal verb

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