Roxana Milanes is twenty five and from Cuba. She began English classes back in May 2019 at Oxford House, and since then has become part of the family. Even though she was a complete beginner, she wasn’t without ambition. On her first day of her Starter course she remembers telling her teacher that it was her dream to get to B2 level.

“I always said the same. I wanted to speak like a native speaker.”

A year-and-a-half later, Roxana can proudly say she has achieved her goal. Here she tells us her motivations behind it, how she did it and what it’s been like to study at Oxford House.


The importance of English


After studying Business and Administration in Angola, Roxana decided to move to Europe to further her education. She briefly considered Portugal before setting her heart on Barcelona to study her masters in Finance, Accounting and Management. Since completing her masters, Roxana realizes the real importance of English to her career.

“My profession makes me wake up every day and think about how important it is to speak English properly. It helps to connect business people around the world.”

Roxana's final project

Roxana about to present her final project at university


Thankfully, Roxana is entering the job market with the right level of English. She recently completed B2 level with Oxford House and is currently studying at C1 level. Both of which will put her in good stead for getting a job in business.

So how did her journey begin?


Out of her depth


Growing up, Roxana didn’t exactly take English seriously. Her father spoke it very well, and always encouraged her to learn. However she always managed to postpone it.

“He said you need to learn this because it’s so important, and I was like, yeah I’ll take a course one day, one day.”

Not long after starting her master’s degree, she realised she had a problem. Some of the topics were in English, and she had to analyse case studies in English too. Unfortunately, back then she had zero skills in the language.

“It was really challenging and difficult because I didn’t know anything,” she says.

Knowing she had to improve her English fast, Roxana went in search of a language school with a good reputation. As someone who doesn’t make decisions without careful thought, she really did her research. After several recommendations, she came across Oxford House, and she hasn’t looked back.

“There’s no other place for me. It’s incredible. Oxford House is like a second home.”

Roxana's birthday

Roxana celebrating her birthday in Barcelona


Part of the OH family


Roxana’s achievements at Oxford House have been amazing. She has gone from Starter (beginners) to B2.2 (upper-intermediate) in just one year. She’s taken back to back intensive and summer intensive courses and completed hundreds of hours of study. The hard work has really paid off!

However, she hasn’t taken this journey alone. In this time she’s had eight different Oxford House teachers. All of whom have helped her progress in different ways.

“I think I could not have had better teachers. It doesn’t matter who they are, from the first until the last one. They’ve all been excellent. It’s something special the connection they have with you.”

Roxana’s recalls taking the leap from B1 to B2 at Oxford House. She remembers absorbing all the grammar in depth at intermediate level. But it wasn’t until she got to B2 that she really started to use it.

‘This is your connection with the real English.’ She says.

Fast-forward to today, and she’s completely in love with the language.

“English has given me freedom, because I am able to express my ideas and opinion without feeling afraid.”


What the future holds


Roxana feels proud of her achievements but is aware this is only a small part of her dream. She wants to work towards getting her Cambridge English C1 Advanced qualification at Oxford House and hopes to move on to C2 Proficiency. But it’s not all about exams and certificates for her.

“For me this is only a paper. I need more than this.”

Wanting to take her English to the next level and really immerse herself, Roxana’s main goal is to move to Canada or England. Thankfully her new found English level will help her do that.

“I decided to study English because it’s an international language and it doesn’t matter where you decide to go or live, you will always need it.”

Roxana in Sitges

Roxana in Sitges, Catalunya


Roxana’s advice for learning English


We asked Roxana what her advice was for other Oxford House students who want to improve their English, and she said it’s all about confidence.

“I think the most important thing is to try to speak even when you’re aware that you’re likely to make a mistake. Don’t feel panicked or shy. Try to be spontaneous and let it flow like when you’re talking in your native language.”

And what would she say to students thinking about studying at Oxford House?

“I don’t have to think so much about it. For me, Oxford House is the best Academy. There isn’t another place for me.”


Would you like to become a super student like Roxana? She’s proved that if you put your mind to something, anything is possible. We want to help you achieve your dreams too. At Oxford House, we have lots of intensive courses available from Starter English (Beginner) all the way up to C2 (Proficiency). Contact the school for more details

Glossary for Language Learners


Find the following words in the article and then write down any new ones you didn’t know.

to set your heart on something (exp): to want something very much that you’d be disappointed if you didn’t get it.

to put you in good stead (exp): to be very useful to you in the future.

to grow up (pv): to gradually become an adult.

to pay off (pv): to have good consequences.

to take the leap (exp): to do something even if you’re not sure if you will succeed.

to fast forward (v): to proceed rapidly forward in time.


pv = phrasal verb

v = verb

exp = expression

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