Barcelona residents will often tell you than nothing happens in August. It’s too hot and everyone escapes to little villages on the Catalan coast. But is it true? Does Barcelona really shut down in August? Not at all! In fact there are plenty of things to do if you find yourself at a loose end in the city this month.

If you’ve got some time on your hands, we recommend using it to improve your speaking, reading and listening!

To get you started, here’s our pick of five things you can do in Barcelona this August to practise your English.

Make it your goal to do at least one of the things from our list.


1. Hush Hush – Comedy

Hush Hush @ Riu Estiu Comedy Festival, Poble Espanyol, August 7, 9pm

Hush Hush - 5 things to do in Barcelona in August to practise your English | Oxford House Barcelona

They say laughter is the best medicine and maybe it is the antidote to your language learning needs!

The brilliant Hush Hush stand-up comedy group have joined with Riu Estiu Comedy Festival to produce the first outdoor English comedy festival in Barcelona! For one night only join Hannah Becker, Luci Martí and many more for a night of comedy in the beautiful setting of Poble Espanyol.

Refreshments are also available, so get a drink at the outdoor bar and get ready to laugh your socks off whilst practising a little English!

Find out more information and buy your tickets for Riu Estiu comedy festival.


2. Quantum – Exhibition

Quantum @ CCCB, Raval, Until September 24

Quantum - 5 things to do in Barcelona in August to practise your English | Oxford House Barcelona

For all you science buffs, the CCCB has the perfect exhibition for you!

Discover the principles of quantum physics through both science and art. There are ten artistic projects that are sure to capture your imagination and inspire you.

All the information is in English, Catalan and Spanish and you can browse the exhibition, practise your reading skills and gain some knowledge to impress your friends at the same time!

For more information and for tickets to Quantum go to the CCCB’s website.


3. Gandules’19 – Film

Gandules Outdoor Cinema @ CCCB, Raval, August 6-22

Gandules - 5 things to do in Barcelona in August to practise your English | Oxford House Barcelona

Continuing the quantum series, the CCCB is adding nine films to their outdoor summer cinema club. So, why not pull up a deckchair and practise your listening skills?

The films focus on parallel universes, time travel and overthrowing rational order so there’ll be plenty of new vocabulary there to keep you busy!

Two of the films you can see in English with Spanish subtitles are the mysterious Donnie Darko and David Lynch’s Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me.

Find out more information on the full programme and films and buy tickets at CCCB: Gandules Outdoor Cinema


4. Fat Boy Slim – Music

Fat Boy Slim & 2manydjs @ Brunch in the Park, Montjuic, Sunday August 18

Fat Boy Slim - 5 things to do in Barcelona in August to practise your English | Oxford House Barcelona

Right here, right now is where you need to be on the 18th August! Can you imagine a better way to spend your Sunday than singing along to Fat Boy Slim at Brunch in the Park?

Enjoy the sunshine up on Montjuic, take in the spectacular views of the city and dance the night away!

As it’s August, there’ll definitely be an international crowd so put yourself out there, meet some new people and practise your English.

* Buy tickets fast, as this is likely to sell out!

Can’t make it to Brunch in the Park? Have a go at playing Fat Boy Slim’s Wonderful Night on lyric’s training and test your listening skills.



5. Game Night – Meetup

Games Nights: Werewolves in English @ Restaurante Pasa Tapas, Every Sunday (throughout August) 7pm

Game Night - 5 things to do in Barcelona in August to practise your English | Oxford House Barcelona

With so many Meetup groups it’s sometimes hard to find one that suits your interests. But if it’s your English conversation you want to practise, why not join Meetup for a game of Werewolves?

The role playing game involves storytelling, deduction and a little bit of acting. What could be more entertaining than that?!

The group meets every Sunday at 7pm at Restaurante Pasa Tapas in la Barceloneta, but make sure you sign up to save a space.

If role-playing games aren’t your thing, there are also board game
nights in both English and Spanish every Wednesday throughout August at 8pm.

For more information on both these events check the Meetup calendar for August.

Don’t forget Oxford House is open throughout August with a number of courses to suit your needs.

Find out more about the courses available and discover the benefits of doing a super-intensive.

Are you in Barcelona in August? Let us know in the comments which of these events you’ll be attending!

Glossary for Language Learners


Find the following words in the article and then write down any new ones you didn’t know.

To find yourself at a loose end (exp):: to unexpectedly not have any plans.

To have time on your hands (exp): to be free to do whatever you like.

Laughter is the best medicine (exp): being happy will make you feel better and help you stop worrying.

Stand-up comedy (n): comedy where someone stands on stage tells jokes or funny stories.

Laugh your socks off (exp): to laugh a lot.

Buff (n): a person who is really interested in a topic eg. a film buff.

To browse (v): to guess possible answers to a question when you do not have enough information to be certain.

To browse (v): to look at what is available.

Deckchair (n): a folding chair used outside.

To overthrow (v): to remove someone from power eg. the government.

To dance the night away (exp): to spend the whole night dancing.

Put yourself out there (exp): to do something you are afraid of.

Werewolf (n): a person who transforms into a wolf.

Board games (n): a game played on a table with a board and counters.


exp = expression

n = noun

v = verb

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