If you find yourself commuting often and spending a lot of time on the bus, you’ll most likely turn towards playing games or doing something on your phone.

Why not take advantage of this free time to practise your English grammar? There are lots of great apps out there to help you do just that – and here are some of our favourites!


1. British Council: Johnny Grammar Word Challenge – the best for short breaks



The British Council has a wealth of apps to help you with all your English-learning needs. The Johnny Grammar Word Challenge is perfect for those short periods when you only have a few minutes to kill, and want to feel productive.

Quizzes are just 60 seconds as you try to beat the clock and answer as many questions as possible. There are 3 difficulty levels and 10 topics, and you earn badges and compete with other learners from around the world.

Download Johnny Grammar’s Word Challenge here


2. Grow grammar – the best for understanding structures



This app lets you make and take apart sentences so you can learn how the different parts work together. Rated 5 stars by the UK’s Educational App Store, it’s targeted especially at primary and middle school children. The aim is to help them get a grasp of basic grammar principles, but adults can also benefit from the visual layout.

Levels in the two modes are structured with increasing complexity. The Create mode allows users to make their own grammar trees. Once you get a hang of the basics, you can move on to the Challenge mode to analyse and identify different parts of speech.

Grow Grammar Lite is also available as an introduction with only level 1.

Download Grow Grammar here


3. English Grammar in Use – the best to complement existing resources



English language learners around the world will undoubtedly have heard of or used this best-selling grammar book. Well, now you can access all this information at your fingertips with this handy starter app. Besides six units of explanations, you will find exercises, a glossary of useful words and audio of example sentences.

The full version is available with all the units, but test out the starter app to get a taster of what’s available!

Download English Grammar in Use for Android or iOS


4. English Tracker Advanced – the best for error correction



Rather than teaching you every single rule from scratch, this app shows examples of sentences with or without errors. You click on what you think could be an error, and the explanation comes up with human-generated translations also available in other languages. This way, you only revise what you don’t know!

Perfect for those who are at higher levels, but need to brush up on their basic grammar rules. Or perhaps those who haven’t studied for a while and could use a refresher. There is also a version for beginners called English Tracker Kids.

Download English Tracker Advanced here


5. Autism & PDD Grammar Lite – the best inclusive app



Based on the Buddy Bear stories, this app is designed to help children with developmental disorders with basic grammar, using communication techniques approved by speech-language experts.

The lite version of the app gives a sample page of the five stories which each emphasise a specific grammar aspect, such as regular -ed verbs or present continuous form. Simple language and illustrations, plus animations and reassuring audio will keep children entertained and hold their attention.

The full version includes the complete stories, and other apps available in the series include Yes/No questions, comparatives and superlatives, as well as Wh-questions.

Download Autism & PDD Grammar Lite here


6. GramMars Wars – the most comprehensive



Train your own team of monsters and use grammar as your weapon to fight against evil aliens. As you learn, you will unlock powers to help your cause, and daily challenges will test your progress.

This app is especially extensive with over 100 topics and quizzes for all levels, including aspects such as modals, passives, relative pronouns, and lots more!

Download GramMars Wars here


7. Grammaropolis – the best for catchy tunes




If your children love music, then Grammaropolis is the way to go for making grammar entertaining. Songs and rhymes are incorporated into the grammar town and children will love exploring the different neighbourhoods of nouns, verbs, adverbs and more.

The characters take on specific personalities and welcome you into their lives, teaching grammar through songs, stories and quizzes. There is even a bonus album with songs for every part of speech!

Apart from the main Grammaropolis app, children will also enjoy joining the police in the Punctuation department and being a superhero in the Word Sort game.

Download Grammaropolis and these other games here

Do you have a favourite app for learning English grammar? We’d love to know! Leave us a comment in the box below.

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Glossary for Language Learners


Find the following words in the article and then write down any new ones you didn’t know.

beat (v): to win against.

a wealth of (n): a large number or amount of something.

get a grasp of (exp): to begin to understand something.

take apart (pv): separate something into the different parts it’s made of.

get a hang of (exp): learn how to do something, even if it’s not easy.

at your fingertips (exp): something is easily reachable or available.

taster (n): short experience of what something is like, to make you want more.

brush up on (pv): refresh your knowledge or skill of something.

from scratch (exp): from the very beginning.


adj = adjective

n = noun

exp = expression

pv = phrasal verb

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