5 Famous Speeches To Help you Learn English

Everyone likes listening to inspiring speeches. Gifted speakers have a way of making people want to listen and take action to change their lives. But speeches aren’t just interesting because of their content. They are also great tools to help you im... Read More

  • By: Brenda

5 Christmas Movies On Netflix To Practise Your English

Christmas movies are one of the best things about the holiday season. They’re fun, they get you in the mood for the holidays, and they’re a great excuse to practise your English! Netflix has a wide selection of Christmas movies to choose from. Resist... Read More

  • By: Sandra

6 Ways You Can Learn English with Alexa

“Alexa, what exactly are you?” Alexa is a virtual AI assistant owned by Amazon. She is voice-activated - like Siri for Apple devices, and can be used in conjunction with a number of third-party apps known as Alexa Skills. One of the challenges ... Read More

  • By: Brenda

A Brief Guide To Different British Accents And Dialects

It’s a fact! The UK is obsessed with the way people talk. And with , it’s no surprise why. That’s right, accents and dialects* vary greatly across Great Britain, and there is no such thing as a single ‘British accent’. Instead it’s an amalgama... Read More

  • By: Brenda

5 Of The Best Netflix Series To Learn English

On average, Netflix subscribers spend streaming their favourite content. With so many binge-worthy series out there, it’s no surprise! But if you’re feeling guilty about all that screen time, why not switch on the subtitles and while you’re watchi... Read More

  • By: Brenda

Our 10 Favourite YouTubers To Help You Learn English

Haven’t you heard? Nobody is watching the TV anymore - 2019 is the year of the YouTuber! If you’re an English language student, there’s some great news for you: there are hundreds of thousands of videos to help you learn English and thousands of te... Read More

  • By: Brenda

7 Films to Practise Your English in Barcelona This July

What’s better than watching a fantastic, original-language movie in a theatre? Watching a fantastic, original-language movie in an open-air theatre! This summer, returns with an unmissable programme of films to watch on a big white screen stretched acr... Read More

  • By: Brenda

Improve Your English Accent With These 6 Great Songs

Turn on a radio anywhere in the world and it won’t take long before you’re listening to an English song. And, if you’re a learner of English, at some point you’ve probably sat down with your favourite one and tried to understand the lyrics. But ha... Read More

  • By: Brenda

How To Improve Your English Using Netflix

Netflix has changed the way we spend our free time. We don’t have to wait a week for a new episode of our favourite TV shows anymore, instead we can binge watch an entire season in one day – and let’s be honest, we’ve all done it! So, if 125 mill... Read More

  • By: Brenda

7 Podcasts To Improve Your Listening

Speaking in a foreign language is hard work. Language learners have to think about pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary - and many people know the pain of reading out loud in class very well indeed! But speaking is only half the battle. Listening and un... Read More

  • By: Brenda