Communicative Aims

– Show understanding by responding appropriately to simple questions and requests
– Use basic sentence patterns and phrases to communicate limited information related to simple everyday situations
– Exchange basic information about everyday life and activities by asking and answering simple questions
– Link groups of words in a very simple way using and and then


Language Functions

– Describing daily routines and times

– Giving dates

– Expressing ability and inability

– Giving very simple direction and locations

– Describing current activities of real people or those in pictures

– Describing states in the past

– Asking simple questions about everyday life


– Present continuos tense

Can and can’t

– Prepositions of movement from, to, up, down, along, across

– Prepositions of time on, in, at

– Prepositions of place near, in front of, behind, opposite

– Past tense of the verb to be

– Link words and,  and then


– Jobs

– Places in the local area

– Place of study

– Home life

– Weather

– Free time

– Times and dates

– Ordinals numbers up to 31st for dates

– Words and phrases relating to the language functions listed above.


– The correct pronunciation of words relevant to the lexical areas listed above.

– The use of contractions where appropriate

– Basic stress and intonation patterns for words, short sentences and simple questions