The January – March 2010 Community activities calendar and Oxford House Membership information have been published on the Oxford House web site.

We’ve changed the timetable of a few of the activities, according to responses we received in our Activities Survey. Thanks to all the students who completed surveys!

Remember, anyone can attend any Oxford House activity, paying for them one-by-one, or become an Oxford House member and pay a one-time charge to attend all the activities.

* There are now TWO conversation clubs. Students choose to attend either Wednesday from 19-20h or Thursdays 19-20h. So, now conversation club takes place in the one hour just before evening Trinity classes!

* And English workshops will take place once a month on a Wednesday or Thursday from 19-20h. Each workshop will be repeated twice, so students can attend the session they prefer.

* Language Exchange nights in English, Spanish and Catalan are still one Thursday a month from 21.30 – 23.30h at BCN Café.

Also, Oxford House now runs Spanish and Catalan courses, so, in addition to the trainee English teachers, we expect even more native English speakers at our Language Exchanges!