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Our Kids’ Summer Club is an English language immersion course, ideal for 8 to 11-year-olds who enjoy being creative, learning new things and most of all – having a good time!

With a range of topics from history, art and technology to music and sports, combined with dynamic activities and hands-on workshops led by top experts in these subjects, it’s our mission to make English fun again.

The course takes place from 25th June until 26th July at Oxford House in central Barcelona. With the chance to sign up from one to five weeks, your children will leave with lots of new friends, many happy memories, a world of knowledge and a new found love for English.



Cursos de inglés para niños en verano | Oxford House Barcelona

  • Learn about interesting topics from qualified and experienced teachers
  • Practice English in a natural and relaxed environment
  • Focus on 21st century skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity
  • Make friends with kids from around the world
  • Trips around Barcelona for expert workshops and masterclasses
  • Maximum 12 students per class
  • Free breakfast in our spacious garden
  • Keep up-to-date with OH Connect – our virtual learning platform
  • Watch your kids perform in our weekly Presentation Party
  • Flexible registration – choose between 1-5 weeks
  • Drop off from 8.30am
  • Certificate of attendance


Whether your child is sports mad, loves singing and dancing, is interested in robotics or wants to be the next Einstein, with new themes each week, there’s something for everyone.

Every Wednesday, we’ll go on an excursion and put into practice what we’ve been doing in class with an expert in the weekly theme.

Then, on Fridays, all the parents are invited to our Presentation Party, where you’ll get to see your kids in action.

Week 1: La La Land

In the first week we’ll have the chance to develop our creative sides with a fun-filled week of music, acting and dance. We will learn what it means to have star quality and learn about some of our idols from the big screen.

On Wednesday, it’ll be time for our first excursion to El Timbal for a fun theatre workshop with a couple of experts in musical theatre. There we’ll get the chance to try on some fantastic costumes and work on our stage craft. Lights, camera, action!.

Week 2: Junior Masterchef

In week 2 we’ll put on our chefs hats and start learning all about food! We’ll find out what it means to have a healthy diet, and what’s really in the food we eat.

On our weekly trip, we’ll head to a proper kitchen for a very special masterclass in the culinary arts with Cooking English! There, an expert chef will teach us how to whip up a couple of traditional British summer dishes – yum!

Week 3: Let’s Move

The third action-packed week is dedicated to sports. With a focus on the keeping fit, we’ll learn about some of the weird and wonderful ways we can do this and even think up some of our own.

We’ll let our hair down mid-week with a trip to The Indoor Jumping Club, where we’ll test out our gymnastic skills on the trampoline and see if we have what it takes to be a pro.

Week 4: Tech-mania

In this week, the kids will develop their tech know-how! We’ll learn about today’s cutting-edge technology, as well as come up with some brilliant ideas for the future.

For this week’s excursion, we’ll take part in a very exciting masterclass with Rockbotic, where we’ll explore the virtual world with the pros.

Week 5: Art Attack

In our final week we’ll roll up our sleeves and turn the kids into miniature Banksys! We’ll unlock the secrets of the masters and let our creative sides shine as we hone our skills in the world of art and design.

Our very last trip will be down to Poble Nou for a masterclass with Dase before we’ll create our own graffiti masterpiece. We can’t wait to see how it turns out!.





Week 1

25.06.19 – 28.06-19

Drama & Music

La La Land

El Timbal


Week 2

01.07.19 – 05.07.19


Junior Masterchef

Cooking English


Week 3

08.07.19 – 12.07.19


Let’s Move

The Indoor Jumping Club


Week 4

15.07.19 – 19.07.19

Science & Technology




Week 5

22.07.19 – 26.07.19


Art Attack





Cursos de inglés para niños en verano | Oxford House Barcelona

All of our young learner teachers are trained in Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL).

This is when different subjects, such as science or history, are taught in a second language. It allows your children to learn interesting things while practising English at the same time.

The approach helps prepare young learners for today’s digital and globalised world, where English is commonly used as the medium of communication when travelling, studying, working or browsing the internet.

By focusing on topics which are both fun and engaging, your kids will enjoy a meaningful learning experience and will be more motivated to learn.

CLIL also helps kids learn English in a natural and relaxed environment, taking the focus off grammar and putting it on communication and understanding.



Cursos de inglés para niños en verano | Oxford House Barcelona

Not only will your children discover fascinating things about the world around them and practise speaking, reading, writing and listening in a dynamic way, they’ll also learn essential skills for 21st century life.

With a strong focus on communication, collaboration and critical thinking, students will work together to complete tasks, while also exploring their creativity.

What’s more, with computers, projectors and TVs in each room, teachers will incorporate authentic videos and other interactive media into classes, helping motivate and engage the kids.

They will also be exposed to other cultures with teachers and students coming from a variety of countries including UK, USA, Italy, Russia and China, which further encourages English to be used at all times.



Classes start at 09.00 am and finish at 13.30pm. We offer a flexible registration to suit all needs, being able to sign up to one or multiple weeks. Students can be dropped off from 08.30am for no extra charge.

The programme also includes a healthy breakfast in our lovely garden.

Teens Summer Course - Oxford House Garden | Oxford House Barcelona




22.5 hours


45 hours


67.5 hours


90 hours


112.5 hours

09:00 – 13:30







Payment Methods

You can pay by cash, card, cheque, direct debit or bank transfer.


Available Discounts

We have a number of discounts available including:

  • 10% off with Carnet Jove
  • 5% off with Student University card
  • 5% off for “familia numerosa o monoparental”
  • 5% off on second enrolment or second family member enrolled

Please check discount conditions.

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