Communicative Aims

– Show understanding by responding appropriately to questions
– Provide information and offer opinions where appropriate
– Make the sequence of events clear by referring back to previous events and forward to forthcoming events


Language Functions

– Expressing and requesting opinions and impressions

– Expression intention and purpose

– Expressing obligation and necessity

– Expressing certainty and uncertainty


– Zero and first conditionals, using if and when

– Present continuous tense for future use

– Past continuos tense

– Modals connected to the functions listed above, e.g. must, need to, might, don’t have to

– Infinitive of purpose


– Further expressions relating to future time, e.g. the day after tomorrow, in a year’s time, in…years’ time

– Common phrasal verbs

– Phrases and expressions relating to the language functions listed above

– Health and Fitness

– Fashion

– Rules and regulations

– Learning a foreign language


– The correct pronunciation of vocabulary specific to the topic and subject areas

– Sentence stress to clarify meaning

– Basic intonation and features of connected speech at sentence level

– Intonation patterns of more complex questions forms

– Avoidance of speech patterns of recitation