Thanks for your interest in doing a free English course online with Oxford House. Here is some information about the course:

The timetable

The classes are offered in person on Monday through Friday in the morning or in the afternoon.

Monday through Friday classes: 10.00 – 11.30 (CET) or 16.30 – 180.00 (CET)

The courses last 4 weeks.You can join at any time during the course. Each lesson is independent, so if you can only attend a couple of times a week, you can take advantage of the course as well.

The teachers

The teachers are training to teach English (CELTA). Some of them are teaching for the first time, others have some experience and want to get qualified.

The classes

You will practice speaking in English and improve your vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation by participating in different activities, including listening to the teacher present language and practising speaking in pairs and as group. There are usually 5-12 people in the class, the maximum is 15 students per group.

The letter of attendance

Regular attendance is important for our trainee teachers. If you attend 80% of your classes, you can ask us for a letter of attendance specifying the course and level you have completed.

The price

The discounted price for this course is €45. With this offer you can do your first course free. Just fill in the form below.

To find out more about this course, you can visit the English Eco course page.