Communicative Aims

– Exchange greetings
– Show understanding of simple instructions through appropriate actions
– Understand short, simple questions, requests and statements
– Respond with appropriate actions and positive and negative short form answers
– Contribute to the conversation using memorised phrases and short statements
– Use a basic range of words and simple phrases related to personal details and situations
– Ask for very basic personal information, e.g. about possessions


Language functions

– Exchanging greetings

– Giving and asking for personal information

– Identifying and naming items given in the lexical list below

– Leave-taking


– Imperatives for common actions

– Questions words what? How many? How old?

– Demonstratives this, that, these, those

– Determiners a, the, my, your, his, her

– Subject pronouns


– Personal information

– Immediate surroundings including classroom objects

– Basic parts of the face and body

– Simple adjectives

– Common animals

– Cardinal numbers up to 20

– Colours

– Everyday items of clothing

– Weather


– The correct pronunciation of common words relevant to the lexical areas listed above